Three years ago...

Three years ago, people of all kinds gathered for one reason, Harry Potter.
Three years ago, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was released.
Three years ago, Joanne Kathleen Rowling made history.
Even though the last Harry Potter book was released three years ago, Harry wil never leave us because Rowling made us believe in magic. She and Harry marked our hearts. A mark that will last forever in our hearts, a mark that that we will remember always because of true magic and the protection made by love.


3 opmerkingen:

Jeanine zei

Yes it's marked our hearts !!!.
What a very cute blog !!!!...

Love your Harry Potter <3

Maike zei

Seriously love Harry Potter, i will never forget it. x

Annemarieke zei

Harry is my childhood!(L)

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